HVAC Thermostats


Configure Performance PRO thermostats with this tool

Programming thermostats to meet your specific requirements can be difficult, time consuming and prone to errors. With this configuration tool, PECO delivers a solution that is intuitive to use and can reduce chances for error.

The intention is to help installers save time. Whether one is programming one thermostat or hundreds, it is amazing the amount of time that can be saved with PECO’s Configuration Tool. This tool works on a desk-top, and then allows the user to transfer the configurations to a SD memory card, and then from the memory card to a Performance PRO Series Thermostat.

It is recommended to use a PECO-approved secure digital (SD) card. This product only supports SD cards 2GB or smaller.

Please note: This tool utilizes Macros. Some users will need to reduce their computers settings so that the programming will function appropriately.

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